Fringe Run Venue


$35 Early Bird Application Fee, ends November 8, 2019 at 5pm.
$50 Regular Fee ends January 10, 2020 at 5pm EST

Participation Fee – $585 – due in February (only due after being accepted and signing contract to participate)
Insurance Fee – $280 – due in April

Insurance Fee is only required if a certificate of liability insurance naming Capital Fringe as additionally insured is not given to Capital Fringe from the artist/company.


Applications in Fringe Run Venues are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, dependent on what we can accommodate in our venues.

Capital Fringe Festival accepts online submissions ONLY. Remember that the Fringe Festival is a unique producing environment. The pace is faster, the timeline is more compressed, and you have less control over factors such as venue choice, tech, ticketing, and schedule. We need you to trust that our guidelines and rules are in place to keep everything running smoothly.

Applications will not be considered complete unless they are filled out fully and correctly, and with the application fee paid. No TBA or TBD productions can be accepted. Remember that applications must be submitted online to be accepted.


When is the 2020 Fringe Festival?

July 2020

The Fringe Festival runs for 22 days every July. Performances run Tuesday – Sunday. Applicants must be available during the operating hours of Fringe without conflict. Weekday shows will begin as early as 5pm and end as late as Midnight. Weekend shows will begin as early as 11am and end as late as 1am.

Production length?

Capital Fringe does not have set rules in regards to production length. However, we strongly encourage productions of 75 minutes or less. Productions that are 75 minutes or shorter typically sell better than those over 100 minutes. Additionally, productions over 100 minutes may receive fewer performances depending upon venue availability. Intermissions cannot be accommodated.

What is provided in a Fringe venue?

Each production will be given a minimal amount of storage (which vary per venue), a technical rehearsal at their assigned venue and a performance load-in/out time scheduled according to the production’s needs. The tech rehearsal time slot is typically double the production run time and will take place before your first scheduled performance. Tech rehearsals may be scheduled during weekday times. Please keep in mind that the Fringe Festival does not provide any set, props, or costumes for shows. This includes chairs and rehearsal blocks.

The Fringe Festival provides a Venue Manager at each venue to oversee all production aspects and serve as a House Manager to coordinate between the Venue, Artists and Audiences. The Fringe Festival also provides full box office services.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices range between $11-$24. The Fringe Festival offers a range of discount passes. Between 50 – 70% of the production’s ticket revenue is retained by the artist/company. Capital Fringe determines the percentage using several factors, that include venue assignment and number of performances. In 2018, participants earned an average of $1,235.00 in ticket revenue.

Producing multiple productions?

Individuals and/or companies may only apply to produce one project in the Fringe Festival. For example, you may not produce a show under your personal name and one under your company name or one under your mom’s name, etc. This rule exists to keep the Fringe Festival a fair producing environment for all.

Though it is possible for individual actors or crew to participate in more than one show during the Fringe Festival, we cannot guarantee to accommodate scheduling conflicts for people participating in multiple shows.

Questions? Reach out to Michaela Cohoon, Fringe Festival Producer 202-737-7230.

Fringe Curated Series

The Curated Series RFP Process will open in October 2019 – January 2020.


Reach out to Michaela Cohoon, Fringe Festival Producer or 202-737-7230.