Come Play! Arcade by Robin Bell

Be an observer. Be a player. Work as a team. Compete to win. The Arcade is an interactive projection and video installation where teams compete to win a SW DC entertainment and dining package.

Capital Fringe will present Bells new piece, Arcade during the 2019 Fringe Festival.  The Performance Arcade is a public interactive video arcade where audience members can play and interact with each other.

For the last two years, Robin has partnered with Capital Fringe on his Directed Actions series. Fringe are Robin are true collaborators and have a unique ability to connect new audiences with performing and visual arts.

Robin’s concept for Arcade  is to reimagine the arcade experience of the 1970’s and 80’s and create a multimedia installation. Playing video games has become increasingly a solitary endeavor and Robin uses the installation as a place to explore what it means to play collaboratively.

Robin’s work, whether it is Directed Actions, or Trump’s Emollients, is rooted in examining our collective experience and seeks to make us feel more connected and less alone. The Performance Arcade is no exception.

Arcade By Robin Bell

July 18 – 28

Arcade – 996 Maine Ave SW